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Guiador ODI Podium CFT

The ODI Controlled Flex Technology handlebars are our light duty over-sized handle bar. Constructed of 6061 aluminum the CFT includes a patented crossbar that telescopes allowing the natural flex of the handlebar at a controlled rate. This allows the bars to flex under impact while remaining controlled to provide a consistent feel and good feedback of the front end working.

  • Controlled Flex Technology crossbar
  • 1 1/8" clamp diameter (requires "oversized" triple clamps or bar mounts
  • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion
  • Constructed of 6061 Aluminum, Lightweight with reinforcement where it counts most
  • Includes crossbar pad available in 7 color options
  • Multiple bend options available


H901CFB - Honda / Kawasaki

H902CFB - McGrath

H907CFB - 807 Champ

H914CFB - Country Boy

H929CFB - Shorty

H930CFB - CR High

H830CFB - CR High



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